Feather Hair Extensions

New Feather Hair Extensions are fun and fabulous! They can be washed, dried, curled, flat-ironed, you name it! They typically last between 4 and 6 weeks and are attached with a silicone-lined micro-link. They are fun and flirty... lots of colors to choose from! Come in and add a little pizzaz to your hair!

*NEW* Silicone Lined Micro Link Hair Extensions

Example done on Mannequin

I have been doing extensions ever since my internship at Bella Vita Salon in 2004. While I was an intern, I studied "Cinderella-Hair" extensions which are a warm-fusion keratin extension. These extensions are great, don't get me wrong, but what always bothered me was that the hair was toast after the extensions grew out. Also, when you remove the keratin-bond from the natural hair it leaves a gooey mess that ultimately takes hours to get out of the hair. 


I then switched to the Flash-Point extensions which seemed a little easier on the hair than the keratin tipped "Cinderella-Hair" (or some of you might know them as Great-Lengths) extensions. What the Flash-Point extensions consist of are keratin tubes also known as "shrink-ies" which are heated with an extension tool and bonded to the hair. These are still very gentle on the hair and always a good option, but when it comes to removal it is still a mess.


I searched for the majority of  2010 and came across an extension type that is much more "hair-friendly". They are called "Silicone Lined Micro Rings (or Micro Links)" not to be confused with "Micro-Ring" or "Micro-Link" extensions which may be harmful to the hair. First of all, I must explain the difference between micro-links and silicone-lined micro-links. Micro-Links are aluminum or copper tubes that extensions are threaded into then pinched onto the hair. This is the same process as would be used with silicone-lined however because there is nothing cushioning the hair it can cause breakage to the natural hair which is a big no-no. 


Silicone-Lined Micro-Links have a small layer of silicone on the inside of the micro-link which not only creates a cushion between the aluminum and the natural hair, but it also provides a much more secure hold onto the hair and hair extension. Also, after approximately 8 weeks (when the extensions start to grow out) you can come in and have the extensions moved up close to the roots again for much less charge than the original price (which includes the price of hair). This process can be done throughout the course of the year without having to replace the hair every time! Your hair could last you up to a year! 


If you love extensions and are looking for a new healthy option, try out my NEW Silicone-Lined Micro-Link Extensions! Also, please check out my promotions page for specials!


Before and Afters

Clip-In Extensions

I love Clip-In Extensions because they are quick and easy to use. They are a budget-friendly, really exciting way to change up your look! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


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